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35. Counseling & Coping with Cancer : A Discussion of the Emotional and Social Issues in Being Diagnosed with Cancer or Other Catastrophic Illnesses Along With a Description of the Existential and Coping Issues Addressed in Counseling Medical Patients in Psychotherapy.

34. Special Edition : Our Pets as Therapists? Physical Health, Psychological Health, The Human-Animal Companion Bond and Seniors! (*Adapted From Dr. Larry's Phone Interview on KVEC-920 Talk Radio)

33. Extendable Leash-Expendable Misery : Do You & Your Dog A Favor

32. Digital ADHD & Cell Phone Addiction : Meeting DSM Criteria

31. The Social Networking A-Social Compulsive Effect : Book versus Face

30. Delusional Disorder, Paranoid Personality Disorder, Psychosis and Community College Campuses : A Recipe for Disaster or An Opportunity for Change--An Opinion Analysis

29. Non-Force Dog Obedience : The Stay Command

28. Non-Force Dog Obedience: The Come When Called Command

27. Non-Force Dog Obedience : The Lie Down Command

26. Non-Force Dog Obedience: The Sit Command

25. Integrative Medicine & Supportive Modalities-Quality of Life

24. Coping with Surgery in Cancer Treatment

23. Coping with Radiation in Cancer Treatment

22. Coping with Chemotherapy in Cancer Treatment

21. In Support of Support Groups

20. Cat-Child Safety

19. The 5 Insights for Coping

18. The Healing Narrative

17. Coping with Catastrophic Illness

16. Anger Management and Time-Outs

15. Relationships and The Other "3 C's"

14. Coping with Cynophobia/Ailurophobia

13. Catastrophic Thinking : Dr. Larry's Managing Stress Series

12. Active Listening, Chores and Marriage Counseling

11. Breathing, The "3 P's," and The "3 Or's" : Managing Stress Series, Part 3

10. Managing Chronic Pain

9. Sleep Hygiene

8. Jungian Personality Types and Pet Ownership

7. Child-Dog Safety

6. Remembering Your Memory!

5. Appraisal, The "3 C's," and Values : Dr. Larry's Managing Stress Series, Part 2

4. Selecting The Right Dog For You : Assessment

3. June 28, 2010 - The Balance of 4 and Pleasurable Activities: Dr. Larry's Managing Stress Series. The first of several segments with Tips on Stress Management.

2. Improving Communication : Assertiveness

1. Coping with Loss : Grieving

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