"Living Options:
Coping With Cancer on the Central Coast"

A Ninety-minute radio special

Interview Segment #1

In Studio Microphone: Dr. Laura Stampleman - Oncologist/Breast Cancer
In Studio Microphone: Sandy Kahn, MFT - Therapist/Support Group Leader
ON THE PHONE: Randy Stein - Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Interview Segment #2

In Studio Microphone: Dr. Anthony Shaheen - Urologist/Prostate Cancer
In Studio Microphone: Michelle Sgarlato, MFT - Therapist/Caregiver
ON THE PHONE: Jeanine Sandy, Master Reiki Practitioner

Interview Segment #3

In Studio Microphone: Gabriella Graham - PMP Pals Founder/Patient
In Studio Microphone: Alex Allman, RN - Oncology Nurse/Reiki Practitioner
ON THE PHONE: Dr. Richard Shapiro - Oncologist/Dominican Hospital

Interview Segment #4

In Studio Microphone: Chris Williams-Chaplain/CHOMP-Hospice
In Studio Microphone: Kalah Bumba, Representative of the American Cancer Society
ON THE PHONE: Jane Hill - Breast Cancer Survivor

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