Family Animal Radio Archives

Archived Show #1 - February 22, 2002

"The Healing Impact of the Human/Animal Companion Bond and the Parallels Between Animal Cruelty and Human Domestic Violence"

Dr. Larry interviews:
Gary Tiscornia, Executive Director of the Monterey County SPCA;
Barbara Davies, President, Domestic Violence Solutions, Carmel, California;
Diane Grindol, Companion Bird Consultant and author of "Cockatiels For Dummies;"
and on-the-phone: Dr. Brian Speer, Avian Veterinarian

Archived Show #2 - March 29, 2002

"Cloning Fido and Fluffy: Sacred Immortality or Cruel Exploitation? The Ethics and Psychology of Cloning Our Pet Animals"

Dr. Larry interviews:
Dr. Lori Gruen, Ethicist, Wesleyan University was interviewed for the March 11th, 2002 cover story, "Designer Pets: First, Custom-made kitties. Is Fido next?," in U.S. News & World Report and author of Op-Ed pieces appearing in such publications as the New York Times. Joining the discussion and showcasing newly released animal titles along with co-sponsoring the Family Animal Trivia Contest, Anne Congleton, Manager, Bay Books Bookstore, Monterey, California.

Archived Show #3 - April 26, 2002

"Dog Bites and Child Maulings: Tackling the Hard Issues"

Dr. Larry interviews:
Dr. Stephen Zawistowski, Certified Animal Behaviorist and Vice President of Education, ASPCA of New York.
Dr. James Wells, President, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Pete Keesling, Chief Veterinarian, San Martin Veterinary Hospital and Former Host of "Pet Pourri," on KTEH-PBS TV, San Jose, California
Mr. Kenneth Phillips, Attorney At Law, Dog Bite Litigation, Century City, California

Archived Show #4 - May 17, 2002

"Famous Dogs In History and the Intelligence of Dogs"

Dr. Larry interviews:
Dr. Stanley Coren, Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, Dog Behaviorist and author of numerous books including the classic, "The Intelligence of Dogs," discusses his new book, "The Pawprints Of History," as well as the subjects of dog temperament and how to assess dog intelligence.

Archived Show #5 - June 7, 2002

The Healing Power of Pets"

Dr. Larry interviews:
Dr. Marty Becker, veterinarian for ABC'S Good Morning America and author of the new book, "The Healing Power of Pets," and Heather Trexler-Remoff, free-lance writer, anthropologist and author of "February Light," detailing her recovery from ovarian cancer.

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