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About Dr. Larry LachmanDr. Larry Lachman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, an undergraduate and graduate psychology instructor, a former Animal Behavior Consultant, radio talk show/cable television host and a published author of four full-length books.

Dr. Lachman is the author of Dogs on the Couch (published by Overlook Press 1999, 2002), Cats on the Counter (published by St. Martin's Press, 2000), Birds off the Perch (published by Simon & Schuster, 2003) and Parallel Journeys-A Spirited Approach to Coping and Living with Cancer (published by Sun Ink Presentations, 2003).

Dr. Lachman has taught both graduate and undergraduate psychology students in both Northern and Southern California.

Dr. Lachman served as guest clinical supervisor for doctoral level psychology interns and master's level social work interns, at the Moore's Cancer Center at the University of California at San Diego. Dr. Lachman is a former clinical staff member with the Psychiatric Centers of San Diego, based in Mission Valley.

Dr. Lachman appeared weekly discussing animal behavior on the "San Diego Living" Show on the Fox and CW Television Channels in San Diego, California and is the former host of "The Family Animal Show," on KAZU-FM radio, in Pacific Grove, California. He has appeared on such nationally broadcast television shows as "Fox and Friends," on The Fox News Channel and "Pets Part of The Family," on PBS.

Dr. Lachman has led weekly therapy groups for people with cancer, bereavement groups for those surviving a loss of a family member, as well as Pain Management, Anger Management and Cardiac patient groups in both hospital and outpatient settings, both in Southern and Northern California.

Dr. Lachman is a twenty-year cancer survivor as well as previously hosting a twice-monthly coping with cancer cable television show on Access Monterey Peninsula in Monterey, California, called, "Living Options: Coping With Cancer On The Central Coast."

Dr. Lachman has been a past member of the American Psychological Association, the California Psychological Association, the Animal Behavior Society, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the American Society of Psychosocial and Behavioral Oncology/AIDS.

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