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Dr. Larry Lachman

On this web site, you will find monthly podcasts, archived national and regional television and radio programs in which Dr. Lachman appeared, as well as information on human behavior, psychotherapy, coping with cancer, stress, grief and chronic pain in addition to exploring issues of the mind and understanding dog, cat and pet bird behavior. There is also a section for Dr. Lachman’s students where they can download syllabi and power point presentations.

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Dr. Larry Lachman offers a comprehensive assortment of information and resources in order to make a better world for people and pets.

Dr. Lachman, specializing in Health Psychology, regularly treats clients diagnosed with cancer, lupus, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain and cardiac issues as well as standard individual, couples and family therapy.



In this section, you will find information on coping with cancer including 8 posted videos, 3 posted radio shows, 9 articles and a comprehensive resource section. Also, you will find information on issues of the mind including 4 posted videos, 2 audio presentations and 19 posted articles. In addition, you will find information on coping with grief and loss and a link to the "No Snooze News" page.



In this section you will find a slide show of images in addition to archived radios shows on coping with cancer and pet behavior along with posted television appearances, streaming and downloadable podcasts and an "In Memory Of" section for those important to Dr. Lachman who are no longer with us.

Articles & Books


In this section, you will find information on Dr. Lachman's published books: Parallel Journeys–A Spirited Approach to Coping and Living with Cancer (written with the late Carmel, California Poet Laureate, Ric Masten), Dogs on the Couch–Behavior Therapy for Training and Caring for Your Dog, Cats on the Counter–Therapy and Training For Your Cat, and Birds Off the Perch–Therapy for Your Pet Bird.

In addition, you will find 22 topical articles on human and pet behavior and coping will illness.

For Students


This section is set up for Dr. Lachman's current undergraduate and graduate psychology students at Chapman/Brandman University, Monterey Peninsula College and Hartnell College. In this password protected section, students will find syllabi and whole semester PowerPoint™ lectures as well as instructional videos and study guides.



In this section, you will find 5 videos on non-violent dog behavior training as well as 2 nationally broadcast radio shows and 17 articles on dog related topics. In addition, you will find 1 video, 1 nationally broadcast radio show and 13 articles on cat related topics. Finally, you will find 4 articles on pet bird related topics and "The Blog Lachman."

About Dr. Larry & His Services


In this section, you will find Dr. Lachman's welcome video, Dr. Lachman's Biographical Information, Information on In-Office Psychotherapy Sessions, People Phone Consultations, Animal Behavior Services, and information on how to contact Dr. Lachman.